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Vegan Paris: Where to Eat in the City of Love

Dec 11, 2019 | Europe | 0 comments

Vegan Paris makes the city of love and lights rank even higher in my book. On my first visit to the city, I was with a friend who wasn’t veggie. I still had a great time, and delicious food!

But, I waited to try the all-vegan and vegetarian places for my more recent trip. Vegan Paris did not disappoint! All the options were honestly overwhelming.

Here are my tips for where to eat in Paris as a vegan, a list that will be updated as I try more places in the city!


My first full day in Paris on this trip, I was coming straight from the airport after an overnight flight from JFK. My body clock was all kinds of messed up.

After taking the airport train and dropping my things at my hotel, I was super hungry. Time to check out HappyCow for the closest vegan spot!

Biovégane popped up, and I decided to give it a try. A burger sounded so good. I’m so glad I found this place and went there!

The owner, Ivan, is so friendly and makes each meal to order. He and I talked throughout my meal, and became fast friends!

On his menu is several burgers, all plant-based and made from scratch. I got a delicious veggie burger with tons of fresh toppings, and fries with homemade ketchup.

This was a great first meal after such a crazy travel day!

Cloud Cakes

A short walk from Biovégane, Cloud Cakes is a darling vegan coffee shop with traditional French pastries and breakfast items. I went after my late lunch at the burger restaurant, and loved this little place too!

I ordered a mochaccino and a tiny pumpkin spice cupcake. It was October, after all!

The staff here is very friendly, and speak English for those of us that can’t yet speak French. I took a little break from sightseeing while at this café, and even booked my train tickets for the following morning to Brussels.

This was a great spot to relax, with fast Wi-Fi and a delicious treat. I’ll be back for sure!

Restaurant VEGE

After I came back to Paris from Berlin, I had a short travel day. But, my flight occurred during lunch. Needless to say, all I’d had all day was a mocha from a coffee shop in Berlin.

Once I checked into my hotel in Paris, I was headed straight for something to eat!

The closest option was Restaurant VEGE, so off I went. Technically, this place is vegetarian. However, the chef was very kind and helpful, and showed me everything he could make vegan.

I got this sampler plate full of different Mediterranean dishes. It came with hummus, chickpeas, eggplant, tomato, and even some avocado. There are also grape leaves stuffed with rice on top. Those were my favorite part. Yum!

After eating all this with bread, I was absolutely stuffed. I loved that every part of this dish was full of plants, and the décor in the restaurant is the same. I would eat here again!

Vegan Paris: Restaurant VEGE

Grocery stores!

Let’s just say that the traditional Parisian picnic with an idyllic Eiffel Tower background is a reality for vegans. Head to a local grocery store!

On both of my trips to Paris, I was impressed that, not only are there vegan grocery stores listed on HappyCow, but the regular local grocery stores have tons of vegan options!

On my first trip there, I even got some yummy vegan meatballs to have with pasta at our Airbnb. This time, I ate all my meals one day from grocery store food. And I didn’t even have access to a kitchen!

For breakfast, I got two delicious Spanish clementines and a piece of fresh-made bread from their bakery. Coffee was complimentary at my hotel. I literally spent one euro on breakfast that day.

As a late lunch, I got a baguette and a ready-to-eat meal of eggplant caviar, tomatoes, and olives to eat with the bread. It was delicious!

Not only did I get to try a vegan caviar, but I also spent 6 euros on that entire meal. Spending only 7 euros for food all day long in a city like Paris is almost unbelievable!

One tip I have is to read the ingredients in the breads and pre-made meals. (They’ll be listed on the sign of each bakery item.) If you can’t understand French or any romance languages, then use Google Translate. It won’t be 100% accurate, but will be enough to read simple ingredients to know if it’s vegan or not. It’s worked for me every time!

Vegan Paris: grocery store berries

. . .

This barely scrapes the surface of all the vegan options in Paris, and all the restaurants I want to try in the city! As I try more, the best of the best will make this list.

What are your favorite foods to eat in Paris? I’m still on the hunt for the best vegan croissant in Paris, and the best vegan macarons…

Peace, love, and happy eating!

*Cover photo by Felipe Dolce. Thanks, Felipe!

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Background: Restaurant VEGE
Text: Vegan Guide to Paris


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