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5 Tulum Vegan Restaurants You’ll Love

Jul 29, 2022 | Cuisine, Vegan Travel | 2 comments

There are hundreds of Tulum vegan restaurants. If you’re only in town for a few days, the prospect of narrowing down where to eat can be daunting. After all, foodies want the best, most authentic food at every meal, especially when we’re somewhere new to us.

In good blogger fashion, I typically frequent multiple restaurants in any given destination. I want to include as many restaurants as humanly possible in these vegan travel roundups.

But this time, we went to the same few places. How could we not? They were all so good.

You only get 5 Tulum vegan restaurants in this post, friends, but they’re all spots you’ll want to revisit. Their pull is simply irresistible.

Keep reading to the end for my favorite vegan restaurant from this entire trip to Mexico.

Where to stay in Tulum: Looking for a place to stay in Tulum? Check out this Airbnb. We loved our stay.

Looking for things to do in Tulum (aside from eat, that is)? See the Tulum Ruins.

Now, on to comida!

La Vegan Taquería: Vegan Tacos in Tulum

After our full day moving from Cancún to Tulum with a day trip to Chichén Itzá and Ik Kil Cenote, our first stop was dinner.

Val found La Vegan Taquería after doing a quick Google search of Tulum vegan restaurants. Off we went! After two years of being cooped up in Music City, a leisurely evening stroll to dinner in the breezy Tulum evening was a nice change.

I ordered two tacos: one chicharrón and the other campechano. Chicharrón is usually deep-fried pork rind, but this vegan alternative was a tasty, crispy seitan. Campechano is typically beef, but La Vegan Taquería’s is made of soy. Both tacos were delicious and come to you highly recommended.

If I didn’t get either of these, I would have gone with their Baja-style taco made of tofish. I had tofish for the first time years ago in London and loved it, but it’s not everyone’s favorite. That being said, I think you should give it a try and draw your own judgement on it!

When asked if we wanted agua fresca, the humidity answered for us. Our waitress recommended the watermelon, so I am recommending it to you.

Perro No Come Perro: Vegan Street Food in Tulum

My first bite of food from a street market came on night one in Bangkok. How could I not? The atmosphere was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I still smile when I think about it.

The night market scene in Tulum is a bit more fragmented, but there is still ample opportunity to have a late dinner at a street cart. Perro No Come Perro is a taco stand selling vegan street food in Tulum. You can’t leave without trying it.

I’ve included a picture of their menu below, but I recommend one of each taco. They’ll ask if you want cheese—the answer is yes, and the few extra pesos are well worth it.

I also stack mine with onion, cilantro, and every sauce they’ve got. After a bite of these, you’ll be back.

Their Instagram is linked in the header and here’s their HappyCow page.

La Hoja Verde: Vegan Breakfast in Tulum

Val found this place on TripAdvisor, because it was one of the highest ranked restaurants in the world on their platform.

I ordered their soy chorizo empanadas and got a latte as my Morning Joe. Both were delicious and worth ordering again, so that’s exactly what I did the next day.

The soy chorizo is lightly seasoned, but the lightness is well-executed. I walked away from this meal both times sated, not stuffed.

The empanadas are topped with black bean sauce, cream sauce, avocado, raw red onion, and sprouts. In each bite, try to get a little bit of everything. It all just works.

Three vegan chorizo empanadas topped with black bean sauce and green sprouts

BOTANICA Garden Café: Vegan Brunch in Tulum

This spot is veg-friendly, so it’s the perfect place to have brunch if you’re with omni friends.

The atmosphere is an oasis of foliage. If you’re lucky, someone will be playing a live acoustic set. Our table was right next to his set-up, which made both of us internally roll our eyes. Cut us a break—we’re from a giant karaoke bar, and that stuff can get old after 20+ years.

Our hesitation was misplaced this time, though. This guy’s set was amazing. We showed our gratitude in the form of pesos.

I ordered the vegan chia bowl, which had a beautiful fresh fruit arrangement on top. I didn’t shy away from whatever I wanted to eat on this trip, so the fresh fruit and light coconut yogurt was a welcome change.

This place also has the best coconut milk mochas, so we went back the next day for those.

Suculenta: My Favorite Vegan Restaurant in Tulum

Suculenta is not only my favorite vegan restaurant in Tulum, but also my favorite from this entire trip to Mexico. It’s even on my list of favorite vegan restaurants in the world so far.

I recommend the bean tamales, which have black beans mixed in with the corn. Top it with the thin creamy tomato sauce and raw onion for a flavor you won’t forget. And try their pozole! It’s a soup with a thin tomatoey broth, mushrooms in the place of seafood, and lots of veggies. Homemade tortilla chips come on the side.

I knew from the first bite that I’d be back. But don’t just take my word for it—try it for yourself.

Their Facebook page is linked in the header and here’s their HappyCow page.

If you’re staying for a while and want to try more Tulum vegan restaurants, check out Happycow. I use their app to find small, local vegan restaurants nearby, wherever I am in the world. Pro tip: use their “highest rated” filter to find the best vegan spots.

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  1. From A Small Kitchen

    never been to Tulum but wow these look amazing! Suculenta sounds incredible, that pozole is droolworthy! I’m bookmarking all these

    • Sarah

      Tulum is probably the best place to be based when traveling in the Yucatán Peninsula, so I recommend it if you want to see the Gulf from Mexico! And Suculenta is going on my favorites of the world list. I’m confident it will stay there even after the Journey to 197 is over.


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