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A solution for the independent traveler whose life never slows down.
Plan your next adventure quickly and easily!

Travel planning can be *such* a pain.

You already chose a dream destination, have a loose plan for how to make it happen, and you’re ready for departure day.

But, what happens when the thought of organizing all the itineraries, flight confirmations, and reservation numbers gets to be TOO much?

You put it off. You jot down a few numbers, a few prices, and leave it at that.

And you deal with it later…only to realize you’re off-budget or you’ve booked the wrong dates at some point.

Believe me; I know.

When I first began traveling, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I wasted so much time and money by learning through experience, a.k.a. the hard way.

20+ countries later, I know exactly what it takes to plan an amazing adventure stress-free and in a fraction of the time!

I created this Travel Planning Spreadsheet to help me plan adventures with more moving parts, like

  • Multiple flights
  • Accommodations in more than one destination
  • Activities all over cities and even across borders, and
  • Splitting costs amongst multiple people.
Computer, iPad, and phone with spreadsheet

The Travel Planning Spreadsheet includes:

  •  An instructions tab to help you navigate and fully utilize the spreadsheet,
  • The spreadsheet itself, which you can fill in with the info about your own trip (including flight codes, confirmation numbers, prices, and more),
  • Sections for flights, accommodations, and activities,
  • A cell for you to adjust how many travelers are going,
  • Subtotals for each category, AND 
  • A final prepaid itinerary price!

The best part?

All you have to do is input your itinerary and its prices. The spreadsheet does the rest! It will add all prices into subtotals and a final price. You can even see prices per person!

Bottom Line:

If it’s helped me save hours of my life, this spreadsheet can help you, too.

Any independent traveler knows life doesn’t slow down. When I planned my first trip with three other people to three different countries within two weeks (!), I designed my Travel Planning Spreadsheet to

1. Easily keep track of the itinerary for everyone,
2. Break down costs so everyone knew exactly what they owed, and
3. Make the travel planning process more enjoyable.

Suddenly, planning this vacation didn’t seem so daunting.

It was the best travel decision I’ve made, aside from taking my first international trip!

And now, I’m sharing it with you. ❤️

Make your travel planning a breeze.

Computer, iPad, and phone with spreadsheet

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