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The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Nashville–From a Music City Native!

Ugh, it’s been way too long since I last wrote about my beloved Music City. Today is the day and the time is now! Judging from my past posts and my blog’s name, I absolutely love to travel. But one of my favorite lessons from seeing the world is remembering how much I love home. And Nashville coffee shops.

At this point, the city is so different from its vibe when I was growing up. I won’t lie–my neighborhood of East Nashville/Inglewood has definitely been gentrified. Along with all the changes, there are new restaurants that sprout up constantly with the influx of over 100 people that move here every single day.

Nashville attracts people from all walks of life–musicians, wannabe stars, aspiring songwriters, millennials, hipsters, young families, you-name-it, we’ve got it. And when it comes to the best coffee shops, we’ve got those, too.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 best coffee shops in my very biased East Nashvillian opinion. Let’s get down to it!

1 // Sip Café

I will be a diehard Sip Café fan until forever and ever. A few years ago, they were in a teeny-tiny little shop over on McGavock, near Castrillo’s. Since then, they’ve moved to the corner of Curdwood and Gallatin Pike in a building that was formerly a Regions bank.

I love hanging out here, working on blog stuff or freelance work, and sipping a medium roast with almond milk. If you’re not allergic to dairy like I am, try some of their ice cream. It smells delicious!

They also have a driveway for all of us on tight schedules, one of the remnants from the old bank building. I can’t think of another locally-owned and operated coffee shop with a drive-thru. Too cool!

2 // Ugly Mugs

This one is an East Nashville stand by, and with good reason. Their iced mocha is the best I’ve had on this side of the Atlantic, and I go there whenever I’m waiting on my carry-out order from Graze.

This one’s also a popular spot for digital nomads like me to work, but I often choose my own house or Sip over working here. Why? Because it’s packed. I can’t say I’m mad about it, though. They deserve every bit of business they get.

There’s also a dog-friendly patio and greenery area for pet lovers like me, so bring your pooch and sip your brew in the summer sun!

3 // Café Roze

The aesthetics, the rose latté, the bougie brunch–this place just works. Sure, it’s on the expensive side, especially when compared to Sip. But I’m more than willing to pay the piper when I can get rose petals sprinkled on my latté.

Yes, you read that correctly. Real rose petals.

I came here with a friend for girls’ brunch and have been very impressed with the rose latté ever since. The décor in here is also bright, airy and chic. Love, love, love. You have to try it!

4 // Sam & Zoe’s

You know me. I rarely make it over to the west side of town, unless it’s for Parnassus Books or Sunflower Café. And yet, Sam & Zoe’s is on this list. That’s saying a lot.

I came over here with a friend after we went to some antique shops across from 100 Oaks. I don’t recommend those shops over the antique mall areas of Goodlettsville…but I would definitely make the traffic-bogged trek back to the west side for some more Sam & Zoe’s!

This place also sells food and smoothies, so you should check it out even if you aren’t in the mood for coffee. I was so impressed by the cozy interior, friendly, helpful staff, and delicious drinks. You’ve gotta try this place; it makes my best coffee shops in Nashville list even though it’s far away from me for very good reasons!

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5 // The Post East

Last, but certainly not least, The Post East brings us back to the best neighborhood in Nashville–and some of the best coffee to boot.

I came here the first time with a lovely friend I met while studying abroad and traveled to Paris with, because she was in town for a family wedding. I’m so glad she did some research and found this place! I was wholly impressed.

They also serve breakfast, so I had some vegan waffles and chipotle tempeh facon. Yum! There are menu items for omnis as well, so you can still get animal products here if you’re not veggie like me. I also got a latte, which was smooth and delicious. On your wider tour of East Nashville, go here for the coffee and breakfast! You won’t be disappointed.

There you have it! The 5 best coffee shops in Nashville, in my humble opinion, are also some of the best around the world. When you come on down to Music City, be sure to hit at least one of these up for some delicious brew that will linger in your memories long after you’re wheels up. Sip, savor, and enjoy!

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