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Peace Corps Timeline

The Peace Corps has streamlined its application process significantly in the past year. When I applied, there was an option to go anywhere, and an option to apply for a specific job in a specific country. I chose the latter, and ended up with the Business Development position in Ukraine. Here is the timeline of my Peace Corps preparation, training, swearing-in, and service as a Volunteer:

late summer/fall 2017

August 2017: Search for positions

October 2017: Pick Business Development in Ukraine

November 6, 2017: Connect with a recruiter

November 2017-December 2017: Complete application

winter 2018

January 1, 2018: Application deadline to depart Fall 2018

January 31: Receive interview request

February 15: Interview

February 19: Send in skill addenda

February 20: Receive invitation to serve as a Business Development Volunteer

February 1: Receive fingerprint cards

February 22: Send in completed fingerprint cards

spring 2018

March – May 2018: Doctor’s appointments (physical, pap smear, dental exam, cavity filling)

April 13: No-fee passport appointment

April 16: Receive legal clearance

May 21: Receive medical and dental clearance

May 31: Submit aspiration statement and updated resume

summer 2018

July 3: Submit OnBoarding tasks (mostly giving Peace Corps administrative information)

July 6: Visa application deadline

July 10: Submit pre-departure LearningSpace tasks (online modules that are an intro to general Peace Corps policies)

August 11: Depart for service (and cry all the tears with my mom)

August 13-17: Arrival retreat

August 17: Move in with training host family

August 20 – October 19: Pre-Service Training

fall/winter 2018

October 22 – 24: Transition to Service Conference

October 25, 2018: Swearing-In Ceremony and first night at my site for the next 2 years!

winter 2019

January 19, 2019: American Culture Day Event at the village school I co-planned

January 29, 2019: Sent back to Nashville on a medical evacuation

spring 2019

March 14, 2019: Status changed from PCV to Returned PCV under Interrupted Service by Peace Corps

me (sort of) pointing to where I served on a map of Ukraine

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