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Christmas 2019 Travel Gifts for Her

Nov 27, 2019 | Travel Tips | 1 comment

Decorations are out of storage. Christmas trees are up. Peppermint mochas are back at Starbucks. The holiday season is upon us! And so is the time to pick out the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. In the spirit of sharing, I’ve compiled a list of all the best travel gifts for her in 2019. Let’s get to shopping!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of these items from the links below, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend items I love!

for her luggage

Backpack: G4Free 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Backpack

I’ve used this backpack to hike up a mountain in Haiti, backpack through the Dominican Republic, and move to Ukraine. I absolutely love this thing! It holds much more than it seems, and is so lightweight that it will weigh less than 20 pounds packed completely full. It has compartments inside, a large pocket, and extra pockets on the outside for maximum storage.

All that for $19.99? I’ll take it!

Suitcase: Nicole Miller Hardshell 20″ Carry-On

My Nicole Miller carry-on has been so many places with me that I have a spiritual connection to it. I even named her Nicole. She will always have a special place in my heart.

I love all the compartments of this carry-on. It holds so much, and yet is so small that it fits in the regulations of every airline I’ve flown. And that includes low-cost airlines with the tightest restrictions!

Luggage Cubes: TravelWise Packing Cube System

I purchased these before studying abroad in Barcelona, and they were an absolute lifesaver. When you’re traveling long-term, it can be a hassle to unpack and repack every few days. Luggage cubes can be like drawers, and organize your life just like a chest at home!

for her tech

All-In-One Plug Converter: Ceptics Compact Travel Adapter

I bought this plug converter right before I studied abroad, and I’ve used it ever since. It is so lightweight, compact, and versatile, that you will be hard-pressed to find a better one. Any time I leave the States, this plug converter is in my luggage. At only $7.99, this is an absolute steal!

Long-Lasting Portable Charger: Mophie Powerstation

When I was first gifted my Mophie, I let it collect dust for months. I figured I would never need it. I was 100% wrong.

This portable charger has saved me so many times while traveling in a foreign place. Using Google Maps can severely weaken your phone’s battery, so navigating while abroad drains it within hours. This Mophie is now always in my purse when I’m on a full day of sightseeing. I never leave without it anymore!

for her comfort

Travel Towel: Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel

When you’re traveling on a budget, accommodations that call your name are most likely hostels. One aspect of hostel backpacker travel is paying extra for towels. That problem is remedied with this quick-dry travel towel that is super soft and huge!

I’ve used mine on multiple trips in order to save on towel rentals, and is the largest towel I own. I also love how quickly it dries, because it’s always ready to be packed when I move on to the next destination–even if I showered 20 minutes ago!

Ear Plugs:

I didn’t use ear plugs at all while traveling until my most recent trip to Europe. On my red eye flight to Paris, the airline provided ear plugs in its amenity kit. I chose to keep mine, which was the best decision I made the entire trip!

These came in super handy during my stay on a boat in Amsterdam, and I will never travel without ear plugs again. If you’re on a long-haul flight, just keep the ones they give you. If you want to purchase some, the pair above will work just fine!

Essential Oils: Nature’s Truth Good Nite

Sometimes, you sit behind another passenger during your flight who’s having some abdominal issues. That makes for a very smelly in-flight experience.

Also, some planes on their own just don’t smell good. To remedy this, I rub some essential oil under my nostrils. Goodbye gas, hello lavender!

My favorite oil to carry-on is Nature’s Truth Good Nite. It’s a blend of lavender, orange oil, and several other delicious-smelling scents.

Eye Mask:

Along with ear plugs, an eye mask came in my flight’s amenity kit. I kept it as well, and it was a great choice! I normally don’t wear an eye mask, but it will keep any traveler more comfortable amidst the bright lights of a plane, bus, train, or any other sleeping arrangement.

Comfortable Walking Shoes: Chacos and Nike Running Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are a game-changer. Choosing the right pair of shoes to travel with matters so much to me as I try to take better care of my body. In my Chacos and my Nikes, I can walk all day long and feel no pain.

Menstrual Cup: Lena Sensitive

I so wish I’d hopped on the menstrual cup bandwagon years ago. I would have saved so much money and suitcase space! Now, I never leave home without my Lena Cup. I use the sensitive line, because it’s much more comfortable to me. I can’t even feel it!

Since I love these so much, I have two: one large, and one small. Highly recommend trying these out!

for her entertainment


One of my favorite pastimes is reading a good book. I share many of the titles I’ve loved over the years, and the ones I recommend for life on the road. Right now, I’m loving Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams, which I bought at a beautiful bookstore in Amsterdam!


If you enjoy reading, but don’t enjoy lugging paperbacks around the world, then a Kindle is a worthy investment. I don’t prefer eReaders, but I must admit that they get the job done with the convenience of carrying one item to have unlimited access to books. I’ve used a Kindle Fire on several trips!

what’s on my wish list this year

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Bose Wireless

On my wish list for this year is to invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Using ear plugs was a taste of quiet amidst snoring passengers. Now that I work from my laptop, I tend to use layovers and long travel days to get some things done.

I would greatly benefit from a pair of headphones that both block out background noise, and play some focus music. I bet the traveler in your life could use some, too!

TSA-Approved Liquids Bag:

It is a hassle to have enough clear plastic bags for security. I plan to purchase a TSA-approved liquids bag that can be reused for that exact reason. It’ll also be great on my budget to buy it once and not have to keep replacing it!

TSA-Approved Luggage Lock:

On my most recent trip, a friend let me borrow her MasterLock. It was a game-changer. Unfortunately, many travelers experience theft. This luggage lock made me rest easier on my flights knowing no one could just open my carry-on if I didn’t have an eye on it.

. . .

This Christmas shopping list is a great starting point as you buy the perfect gift for the female traveler in your life. These items are on my permanent packing list, because they just make my life much easier on the road. What are your travel essentials? I’m always looking for suggestions.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

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    Great ideas. So much better to receive useful items, especially when travelling.


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