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Berlin Cathedral Visitor Guide: Why You Should Go

Dec 10, 2019 | Europe | 2 comments

Berlin Cathedral, or Berliner Dom, is the jewel of the Berlin skyline. With its aqua domes and gorgeous architecture, this cathedral invites visitors in with grace, class, and an air of romance.

On my first visit to Berlin, I didn’t go inside, but rather admired it from its lawn. This time, I made it a point to buy myself a ticket and see if its interior lived up to the hype.

Not only is Berlin Cathedral stunning, but it boasts an amazing view of the Berlin skyline. Anyone visiting Berlin must take a visit to this attraction!

Here is everything you need to know for a wonderful visit to Berlin Cathedral!

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How to Plan Your Visit

Berlin Cathedral is easily accessible from the greatest tourist attractions in Berlin, and is a 10-minute walk from the Berliner Fernsehturm (aka the iconic TV Tower).

I didn’t buy my ticket in advance, and didn’t have any wait to buy it from the ticket desk at the cathedral. If you’d prefer to buy them in advance, you can do so on their website.

Tickets for adults cost 7 euros, and are well worth every cent!

Guide pamphlets cost an additional 20 cents, and it’s an honor system. They have pamphlets sitting on display in several languages, and there’s a box with a slot in it for you to drop your coin before you take one.

I do recommend paying the extra amount to get a guide, because the information is really interesting and walks you through the intricate details of the cathedral’s architecture and art.

Besides, where else will you spend those 20-cent coins?

If you’re interested in an audio guide, they cost 4 euros. Also, be sure to put your large bags and backpacks inside the lockers that are located next to the ticket office. Security won’t let you past the ticket desks without doing so.

Berlin Cathedral: view from the river

What to Expect During Your Visit

The exterior speaks for itself. This building is breathtaking. So much so, that after seeing the outside, I didn’t know if the inside would live up to my expectations.

Let me just say this: the interior to Berlin Cathedral is even more impressive than its exterior. It’s almost unbelievable, because of how intricate and grandiose the architecture is.

But, no. The art and decor on the inside of the cathedral will stop you in your place. In the beginning of the self-guided tour, you’ll see the impressive main chapel where services are still held today. It also doubles as a concert hall for music performances.

Once you’ve basked in the glow of this area, you can walk to the wedding chapel, a small, intimate room with even more gorgeous art.

Now, it’s time to head upstairs–the first of many steps today!

Take some time to see the museum built within the cathedral. It will explain to you how Berlin Cathedral came to be, from its inception in the 1400s. It will also go through the history of Berlin Cathedral during the Holocaust, World War II, and the era of reconstruction after the war.

The end of your time in Berlin Cathedral will be spent going up hundreds of stairs. But don’t worry! It’s 110% worth every step for the view you’ll be greeted with above the city.

From Berlin Cathedral’s 360-degree viewing deck, you can see a lovely view of Berliner Fernsehturm, the river, and Berlin’s skyline.

I recommend to go at night, like I did, so you can see the city lights!

Berlin Cathedral: city view from the top

My Reflections

My first time in Berlin, I didn’t have the time to go inside Berlin Cathedral. But, I told myself I would make it back there someday. Something about this building just stuck with me for those years between my visits to Berlin.

When I was walking from Brandenburg Gate to head back to the hostel I was staying in, I took my time, stopping along the way. When I came upon Berlin Cathedral, all those memories and feelings came flooding back.

I contemplated going inside, but it was getting dark. And it was cold.

Finally, I told myself I was going to do it. I walked inside, found there was no line to buy a ticket, and got myself one on the spot. It was impromptu, and yet a fulfillment of a two-year plan at the same time.

I am so, so glad I went! It is well worth the 7 euro donation to maintain the cathedral, considering the beauty, architecture, museum, and view of the city. I would certainly go back.

berlin cathedral: view from the lawn

. . .

Moral of the story: visit Berlin Cathedral, and buy a ticket to go inside. You won’t regret it.

Your time in Berlin won’t be complete without the view of and within Berlin Cathedral. Enjoy the views from the top–you’ve earned it!

*Cover photo by Simon Goetz. Thanks, Simon!

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  1. Stuart Forster

    The cathedral is such a gorgeous building. You are right to suggest it’s well worth a visit. There’s so much to see and do in that part of Germany’s capital!

    • Sarah

      It’s one of my go-to attractions to see every time I go to Berlin because I loved my first visit there so much!


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