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Bangkok Vegan Guide: From Street Food to Restaurants

Apr 4, 2020 | Asia | 0 comments

Bangkok is not only a city with a fascinating blend of new world and old world, but it’s teeming with vegan delights. You can find amazing vegan cuisine all over this bustling metropolis, from accidentally vegan street food to hip plant-based restaurants.

Here are 5 places you can find delicious vegan food in Bangkok and learn more about Thai culture while you’re at it!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase any of the products or services from the links below, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products and services I love!

1 // Khun Aeo Vegetarian Restaurant (at Huai Kwang Market)

Khun Aeo Vegetarian is a food stand with limited seating at Huai Kwang Market. Huai Kwang has its own stop on the MRT, making it a convenient stop during your day of sightseeing!

The ladies that work at Khun Aeo are so kind, and offer some of the best mock meat dishes out there. If you’re not a fan of mock meats, there are just as many vegetable dishes, from curry to soups.

The winners on the day of my visit were brown rice with greens and mushroom mock meat, with the best cabbage soup I’ve ever had.

At just $2 for two dishes, this restaurant offers wonderful prices, too.

Does it get any better than fresh food at a great price?

rice, mock meat, veggies, and cabbage soup from Khun Aeo Vegetarian restaurant at Huai Kwang Market, Bangkok, Thailand

2 // Ruyi Vegetarian

Ruyi Vegetarian is a small restaurant in an alley, and it boasts a menu full of interesting local dishes with meat substitutes. They even have a plate with vegan crab!

I ordered a sweet and sour “chicken” dish that was flavored very well and for a great price. I also loved that they included rice, because many Bangkok restaurants charge separately for that!

Iced tea is included with your meal, serving as a welcome retreat from the Thai heat.

Sweet n sour vegan chicken and veggies with rice from Ruyi Vegetarian, Bangkok, Thailand

3 // Ethos Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

Ethos Vegetarian and Vegan is a hip plant-based restaurant in central Bangkok that attracts a crowd of locals, tourists, and expats alike.

Their pad thai was more flavorful than other portions I had in Thailand, and at a mid-range price. You have to remove your shoes before you enter, which I loved. It made the experience more relaxing.

There are areas to sit on cushions on the floor, or in chairs. This would be the perfect place to bring your laptop and get some work done in a late afternoon with one (or a few) of the many menu offerings from Ethos!

vegan pad thai from Ethos Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

4 // ICONSIAM Night Market

If you’re looking for a luxury mall experience and a night market rolled up into one (and even if you’re not, honestly), go to ICONSIAM.

I stumbled on this place because I needed to take my beloved MacBook to the Apple Store from some TLC, and ended up eating dinner in the basement of the same mall…

What’s full-time travel without a few scares and unexpected endings?

Anyway, you can find a beautiful, expansive night market if you go to the basement of ICONSIAM mall in Bangkok.

Some of my favorites were fresh and fried spring rolls, mushroom buns, mango sticky rice, and all-natural, vegan coconut ice cream.

I’m drooling just thinking about it now…

Fried spring rolls from ICONSIAM night market, Bangkok, Thailand

5 // Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market Ratchada

This was the first Southeast Asian night market I ever visited. Let me tell you, it was an assault of the senses.

I loved it.

There are several accidentally vegan street foods, but a must-try is mango sticky rice. I got a serving for 50 baht at this night market early in my travels in Thailand.

At Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market, you can find mango sticky rice, fried veggies, soy milk boba tea, clothes, shoes, artisan crafts, souvenirs for family and friends, and anything else you can think of.

This Bangkok night market is one of its most popular for a reason. It should be on your must-visit list when you go to Bangkok!

mango sticky rice from a food stall in Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market, Bangkok, Thailand

. . .

Vegan food is everywhere in Bangkok. All it takes is a little bit of HappyCow searching and Google Translate to explain your dietary restrictions.

Half the fun is discovering accidentally vegan street foods and restaurants that aren’t fully vegan, but have delicious plant-based options.

Traveling has taught me so much about the world, myself, and the ingredients I consume. My time in Bangkok was no exception.

What vegan delights will you find in Bangkok?

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