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7 Vegan-Friendly Cities Everyone Should Visit

Jan 11, 2020 | Travel Tips, Vegan Travel | 10 comments

Veganism is becoming a highly popular lifestyle for health and ethical reasons. This rings true in the travel sphere, as well. Now, it is common than ever before for travelers to choose vegan-friendly cities over other destinations for their food options alone.

As a vegan of over six years, I absolutely love visiting local vegan restaurants when I travel. I’ve had the pleasure of trying tons of vegan restaurants on three continents, and the seven vegan-friendly cities below will always provide delicious options.

From the first vegan meal you try, these seven vegan-friendly cities are just a few of many that everyone should visit in their lifetime!

1 // Los Angeles, CA, USA

L.A. is commonly deemed the most vegan-friendly city in the U.S., and even the world. I can agree that the amount of vegan options around the city is so large that it’s overwhelming.

However, where L.A. really shines is the vegan options available at LAX.

Airports are notorious for having slim-to-no vegan options. Those of which are available are often so unappetizing that you would never pay an airport meal price for their vegan offerings.

LAX is a notable exception. There is a 100% vegan restaurant in LAX, and it is incredible!

When you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to visit The Vegan Joint, Veggie Grill, and Real Food Daily (LAX)!

2 // Berlin, Germany

For vegan food on every corner (and then some), book a flight to Berlin.

Everyone should try a vegan fast food meal at least once. The creativity required to make a fast food dish completely plant-based is impressive!

For delicious (and cheap) vegan fast food in Berlin, head to Yoyo Foodworld. Pro tip: try the bacon cheeseburger and vegan schnitzel! Oh, and wash them down with a Fritz-Kola. Yum!

If you’re wanting something a little healthier, try SOY or 1990 Vegan Living. Here, you’ll find rice, noodle, and veggie bowls packed with delicious plant-based protein and fresh produce. Double yum!

Veggie burger, vegan schnitzel, and a Fritz-Kola from Yoyo Foodworld, Berlin
Veggie burger, vegan schnitzel, and a Fritz-Kola from Yoyo Foodworld

3 // Nashville, TN, USA

Obviously, I’m biased as a native Nashvillian. However, it always surprises vegans that Nashville is a very vegan-friendly city.

If you want to see the murals of 12 South, head into Five Daughters Bakery and try a Vegan Purist donut. It’s a fan favorite for a reason!

If you’d prefer ice cream for dessert, Jeni’s has a wonderful selection of dairy-free ice creams and sorbets. Get a scoop of Texas Sheet Cake; you won’t regret it!

For unique, eclectic menu offerings, try The Wild Cow and Graze. I recommend Graze for their breakfast bowl at brunch and The Wild Cow for a lunch or dinner. Their veggie burger is the best I’ve ever had!

Finally, for vegan soul food, you need to try The Southern V and Vege-licious. Both come highly rated on HappyCow for amazing food and customer service. I recommend the chick’n fried chick’n at The Southern V, and the soul food plate from Vege-licious. Both come with a traditionally southern faux meat dish and hearty sides, like turnip greens and mac n cheese.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Nashville Hot Chick'n from The Southern V, with baked beans and mac 'n cheese
Nashville Hot Chick’n from The Southern V, with baked beans and mac ‘n cheese

4 // Brooklyn, NY, USA

In the grand scheme of vegan-friendly cities, New York City has never truly shined to me. I hate to say that, because NYC is my favorite city in the entire world.

However, my opinion of vegan New York changed when I got to visit Brooklyn for the first time.

There is an all vegan, all gluten-free crêperie in Brooklyn called Little Choc Apothecary. They offer incredible savory and sweet homemade crêpes amongst a vast menu of other equally delicious offerings.

Along with the unique, tasty food, the atmosphere of this restaurant is so relaxing and whimsical that you’ll feel like you’re in a tiny café in Paris.

Aside from this amazing find, there are so many vegan restaurants offering unique, eclectic menus in Brooklyn.

If you’re in Manhattan and are searching for a good place to try vegan food, head to Urban Vegan Kitchen. Their vegan shrimp po boy is out of this world!

5 // Barcelona, Spain

My love affair with Barcelona only intensified when I tried some of its vegan restaurants.

If you’re interested in traditional Spanish cuisine made vegan, Veggie Garden usually has two traditional dishes on its menu of the day. Included are an entrée, dessert, and water or wine to drink for a great price.

For vegan fast food in Barcelona, head to La Trocadero near the iconic Sagrada Familia. Their beet-based burger and fries satisfy junk food cravings without being unhealthy!

Another wonderful menu of the day to try is at Vegetalia. Their menu is expansive, with local dishes and international fares. If they have their carrot cake on the day of your visit, try it! It is so uniquely and creatively made, with tofu as part of the homemade icing!

If you’re looking for more of a grab-n-go, Santoni Café has fresh, handmade empanadas and desserts you can take to go.

For brunch, Flax & Kale is the place to be in Barcelona. From the cool, crisp aesthetic, to the delicious vegan options on their menu, everyone must visit this place when in Barcelona. If you like fresh juices, try the Virus Killer! The ginger adds the perfect amount of zing.

vegan carrot cake from Vegetalia, Barcelona
Carrot cake from Vegetalia

6 // Tokyo, Japan

One vegan restaurant owner in Japan told me that it is difficult to be vegan there due to the use of dashi, which is fish broth, in the country’s traditional dishes.

However, vegan restaurants are everywhere in Tokyo! And their offerings are so memorable, you’ll want to go back again (and again, and again)!

I recommend Trueberry for brunch or lunch. Get the plate that includes a smoothie bowl, pea soup, and sushi. It is incredible, fresh, and will leave you energized for a day of sightseeing!

Ain Soph Ripple offers delicious fast food that’s vegan, and is part of a chain of restaurants with different offerings. The Ain Soph family of cafés each offer unique dishes, so try one of these restaurants when in Tokyo!

7 // Paris, France

Considering all the cheese in French cuisine, one may think it’s difficult to be vegan in Paris. It’s not!

For a vegan whimsical Parisian café experience, go to Cloud Cakes. Its location on a side street, friendly staff, décor, and offerings make it the ideal spot for vegans to relax in Paris. Get a coffee and cake, bring a book, and enjoy!

If you’re craving a veggie burger, try Biovégane. It’s a short walk from Cloud Cakes, and the burger menu is full of delicious, homemade plant-based burgers. The owner even makes the ketchup in-house!

. . .

If you’re vegan, and even if you’re not, these 7 vegan-friendly cities should be on your must-visit list. The restaurants I recommend above are just a handful of many incredible locally-owned and operated vegan restaurants around the world.

Why not give them a try? They could surprise you!

Which of these cities will you visit?

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Text: 7 Vegan-Friendly Cities Everyone Should Visit


    • Sarah

      Yay! Thanks for reading, Krystianna!

    • Sarah

      That is so awesome to hear, Tamara! Thanks for reading!

  1. Emma

    Such great options. I just visited Tallinn in Estonia and was amazed by the number of vegan restaurants, it was amazing. You should definently check it out

    • Sarah

      Tallinn is on my list for 2020, so that’s great news! I look forward to trying its vegan spots. Thanks for reading!

  2. Fiona Mai

    Love your list and all the food photos as well. The taco salad bowl in LA looks especially yummy! Also totally agree that vegan food in Berlin is just everywhere, affordable and tasty as well.

    • Sarah

      The affordable part makes it even better! Thanks for reading!

  3. navigationjunk

    All the food options look delicious! I am a vegetarian and know how difficult it can be to find vegetarian/vegan food in some destinations. Thanks for sharing these great cities that are vegan friendly, I will have to add them to my list!

    • Sarah

      That is so true! Thankfully, the availability of vegan options has increased over the years. Thanks for reading!


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