6 Best Mother’s Day Gifts of 2019

I don’t know about you, but Mother’s Day is a pretty big deal at my house. I was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs throughout my adolescence to make sure we had everything we needed. When it came time to go to college, she was my rock. She was a comforting voice when I was stressed, and rejoiced when I walked across that stage on graduation day. Through every moment of my life, she’s been there with a warm hug. It’s a shame that we only have one official day set aside to honor our mothers, but we can strive to do so every day! Here are the top 6 gifts I’m eyeing for Mother’s Day this year.

1 // plane tickets to a new destination

I’m sure no one’s surprised at my number 1 idea for a great Mother’s Day gift. This is a travel blog, after all! My family was never into plane travel until I flew the nest and went to Costa Rica almost four years ago. Since I raved about it so much, my mom and grandma had to come see what I’d been up to. Since then, my mom and I have been to Europe and Japan together. She’s fallen in love with traveling the world! Right now, we’re eyeing plane tickets for a second trip to the Mediterranean. I love that we get to share such meaningful experiences together!

2 // a new experience

Similar to number 1, a new experience in your hometown or just a short drive away is another nice present for Mom! Check out your local yoga studio, cooking classes, restaurants, and other fun things you know your mom will enjoy. You could also pick something completely new to both of you and spend Mother’s Day on an adventure! Many businesses offer Mother’s Day specials, so that you can get her a pass to do something she would love. They might also offer a bundle, so you can do it together.

3 // a home-cooked meal

Maybe your mom isn’t the one that does all the cooking in your family, but mine did about 90% of it when I was growing up. Now, I try to share the work with making dinner, but she still makes sure no one in her house goes hungry. On Mother’s Day, I don’t want my mom to have to lift a finger for a good home-cooked meal. One thing I plan to do after church on Mother’s Day is make my mom one of her favorite dishes.

4 // help in the garden

If your mom is a gardener, then you’ve probably weeded flower beds and watered herbs. This year, my mom and I are planning to do some gardening on Mother’s Day. She enjoys picking out flowers to make our house even more homey, and sprucing up our yard a bit. I used to hate gardening when I was younger, but now I enjoy it. I’m looking forward to quality time in the soil on Mother’s Day!

5 // a day at the spa

My mom loves a good massage and facial. If yours does too, then maybe a day at the spa is a good Mother’s Day gift for you to invest in! Similar to other businesses mentioned in number 2, spas commonly offer great Mother’s Day packages and deals. Check out some of your local salons and spas for the best rate, and book Mom an appointment for some first-class treatment everyone knows she deserves.

6 // pamper her at a makeup counter

Finally, another great option for a Mother’s Day gift is to book an appointment at a cosmetics counter if you know she loves getting her makeup done. I was thinking about getting my mom a consultation at our local Lemon Laine, so that’s a great route if she’s more into skincare than powders and lipsticks! If you know her favorite brand, then inquire about getting a consultant to give her the works at their Macy’s counter. With this one, the opportunities are endless!

Mom + I two years ago in Barcelona

Regardless of what you choose to get your mom on Mother’s Day, quality time is the greatest gift of all. If Mother’s Day is hard for you because of a broken relationship or you’re missing time with Mom this year, then my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine that kind of pain. On May 12th, I’m hugging mine a little tighter and booking those flights to a new destination!

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