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4 Reasons to Give the Gift of Experiences on Christmas

Dec 25, 2019 | Travel Tips | 0 comments

It’s Blogmas Day 25!!! Whooo!!!! I can’t believe I made it, y’all. In true Christmas spirit, I’m sharing 4 reasons to give the gift of experiences for the holidays.

Experiences are a way to share your passions with loved ones, encourage them to explore more, and give a gift that keeps giving.

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the holiday season in whatever way makes you feel most loved.

1 // The memories of experiences never leave us.

I still think back on my month in Costa Rica and my semester in Europe with such fondness. Those two experiences weren’t possible without Christmas gifts from relatives over the holiday seasons.

I can’t be grateful enough to those that gave me money to travel and encouraged me to explore the world!

2 // Experiences don’t add clutter to our lives.

This one is huge! Every holiday season, especially since my birthday is on New Year’s, I find myself with plenty of new items.

I’m thankful for everyone’s willingness to give me presents around the holidays, and I will always find a place for those gifts.

The gift of experiences? No need to find a spot for those. As I move towards a more minimalistic lifestyle, I increasingly appreciate the gift of experiences.

3 // Experiences can be shared.

One of my favorite gifts to give is an experience that two (or more!) loved ones can share.

For example, a friend was struggling to figure out what to buy her sister for Mother’s Day. I suggested she give a certificate for a free Mommy and Me class. My friend loved the idea!

An experience you can share with someone else is a way to bond, make lifelong memories together, and celebrate any holiday.

4 // Experiences encourage us to keep exploring.

All it took was one trip outside of my comfort zone.

Just one.

Almost 20 countries later, I know with certainty that my life would have taken a vastly different turn had I not taken the courage to step on that first flight into the unknown.

Without that first month in Costa Rica, I wouldn’t have explored at all. Because my time there was so amazing, I can’t stop now. I’m obsessed, always wanting to see more. My travel bucket list grows by the second.

My life is so much better thanks to that experience!

Even if travel isn’t your thing, a local experience can have the same effect. We could all explore more of our own homes! A local experience can encourage your loved ones to see more of their own hometowns, and see them in a whole new way.

. . .

These 4 reasons to give the gift of experiences are just a few of many that experiences make the best presents. Some of the best times of my life were only possible through the kindness of others and the willingness to step outside my comfort zone.

The gift of experiences keeps on giving!

What are your favorite Christmas gifts?

*Cover photo by Kieran White. Thanks, Kieran!

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