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4 Days in Mallorca, Spain: Best Beaches to Visit!

Mar 22, 2019 | Europe | 0 comments

During my semester in Barcelona, I remember being stressed about spring break because going anywhere was so expensive. One of my best friends and I studied abroad the same semester, and she was in Madrid. We needed to pick a destination and buy our tickets before they went up again, but we were at a loss. Thankfully, we ended up spending 4 days in Mallorca!

After some handy-dandy Pinterest searching, I found this sunny little pocket of paradise off the coast of Spain. Mallorca was absolutely the right pick for spring break, because it is sublime. Here’s what Cheyenne and I did on our four day, no-frills girls’ trip!


Mallorca does attract quite the tourist crowd, but its vibe is still laid back. We chose an apartment from Priority Villas, which we found on VRBO. Their staff was very nice, and our apartment was lovely.

We talk about going back to Mallorca all the time, and about how we have to stay in that exact apartment. We spent so much time in there cooking, relaxing after going to the beach, and making lifelong memories.

It looks like the one we stayed in is no longer listed on their website (*tear*), but I can vouch for their company’s professionalism and commitment to make your time in Mallorca unforgettable.

Getting Around

One of the best parts about visiting Mallorca is how accessible the rest of the island is to the capital city, Palma. We stayed in an apartment that was a twenty minute walk to the main train station, but had access to bus lines that took you to many more remote and private beaches on the island. Bus fare was about 2 euros per ride, which made it even better! The affordability and simplicity of public transport alone makes this a great destination for budget travelers and families alike.

Beach 1 // Illetes

When Cheyenne and I were trying to figure out which beaches to visit, I stumbled across some blog posts that talked about the best beaches in Mallorca.

We picked Illetes (pronounced ee-yeh-tehs) for our first full day on the island.

We hopped on the public bus just a short walk from our apartment, and we were there within 45 minutes. The sun was out, but not too hot. We brought some strawberries and wine with us, and a blanket we found in the apartment to lay out on the sand.

This was the first moment I felt a real break since arriving in Europe. It was pure bliss.

4 Days in Mallorca: Illetes beach

Beach 2 // Ciudad Jardín

Since Illetes would be so hard to beat, we were picky about the next beach we would visit. We decided to check one out that was closer to the city, since there was a supposedly really nice one just up the main road from where we were staying.

We had a blast at this beach! It was almost completely empty, and there was a public restroom (not always true of secluded beaches). The sand was so soft, and we wanted to stay there forever.

4 Days in Mallorca: Ciudad Jardín beach

Beach 3 // Cala Comtesa

Because days 1 and 2 were so amazing, we had to make day 3 the most perfect beach day in the history of perfect beach days.

We picked Cala Comtesa because it wasn’t super far away, but was out of the city, and we wanted some more of that quiet serenity that Illetes offered. We definitely got it.

This one was a little more crowded than the others, but it still felt like being on a secluded island. There was a rocky cliff area, and see-through water that became indigo in the distance. I think it’s safe to say that we weren’t ready for spring break to be over.

4 Days in Mallorca: Cala Comtesa beach

Explore the City

This was officially our last day in Mallorca before heading back to the mainland and finishing up our semesters abroad. We opted to book late-night flights to get another full day in the city.

After checking out of our apartment, we headed to Palma Lock & Go to drop our luggage while we walked around the city. We saw so many cute little shops, an adorable pedestrian street, beautiful churches, and even an American-style diner!

I know the beaches can pull you away from the city center. But, I do recommend taking at least a few hours to stroll the winding, cobblestone streets before you hop on your return flight.

. . .

Simply put, Mallorca was a dream. The beaches, the town, the good-vibes-only feel that takes away any stress from the outside world.

I absolutely plan to go back there someday, only this time I’m renting a car to reach those even more isolated beaches and hidden spots.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even try cliff diving!

If Mallorca’s not on your list, then you’re missing out, and neither of us wants that. I hope this guide helps you plan your own trip for 4 days in Mallorca.

Leave your worries at the arrival gate, and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

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