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hi, i’m sarah

I’m a writer and budding entrepreneur with a love for caffeine, capital gains, and seeing the world.

I took my first international trip when I was 19. I’d never even been on a plane or inside an airport (!), and I was all alone. Oh, and did I mention I was going to Costa Rica for a MONTH?

One trip is all it took. I was hooked.

20+ countries later, traveling has impacted who I am and who I’ll be forever.

I wholeheartedly believe that travel can change us for the better, if we’re brave enough to let it.

Let’s be brave together.

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Prague Travel Guide: 4 Days of Czech History and Culture

Romantic pastel buildings of yore stroll alongside utilitarian edifices courtesy of the USSR. A Jewish Quarter brimming with life has been a sanctuary for the exiled over 800 years. The Vltava sparkles in the unrelenting rays of the sun, the Charles Bridge adorning...

Sarah’s Ultimate Guide to Paris

More than a place, a dot on the map, Paris is a love story. Ecru buildings with decadent windowsills and doorframes stack along the Seine, one by one, neatly in a row where the land is flat enough to allow for it. Cobblesone winding streets crawl up hills in...

12 Things You Must Do in Cuba

Cuba. My travel love story. Every traveler has one, and mine happens to be a stunning Caribbean island with fascinating history, a place most people will never visit just for its reputation. When I saw a surprisingly cheap roundtrip ticket to Havana, I called my best...