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hi, i’m sarah

 I’m a writer and budding entrepreneur with a love for caffeine, capital gains, and seeing the world.

 I took my first international trip when I was 19. I’d never even been on a plane or inside an airport (!), and I was all alone. Oh, and did I mention I was going to Costa Rica for a MONTH?

One trip is all it took. I was hooked.

20+ countries later, traveling has impacted who I am and who I’ll be forever.

I wholeheartedly believe that travel can change us for the better, if we’re brave enough to let it.

Let’s be brave together.

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Women. Girls. Othered.

First things first: this post contains affiliate links. See more in the disclaimer. This week, like many, was heavy. That is why this post is covered in flowers. We need beauty between the madness. Ever since I first became aware that we live in a world of blatant...

10 Nonfiction Books to Read this Summer (2022)

When making a list of books to read this summer, I had the always-beneficial problem of wanting to read far too many. After all, summers are also full of family time, cooking, and, of course, seeing the world. If you've been around for even a few posts, you've...

12 Novels to Read this Summer (2022)

If you're anything like me, summers off from school in childhood were all about reading. In the humid Southern summers, I traveled all over the world through books. It comes as no surprise that, as an adult, I both travel and read like my life depends on it. These 12...

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